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Looking to refurbish and waterproof your existing metal roof cladding?

Looking for a leaking metal roof contractor your can trust to deliver?

Look no further than Storm Coatings.

Waterproofing the metal roof cladding of your commercial or industrial building makes eminent business sense to ensure your work doesn’t suffer from roof leakages that can damage your interiors, weaken the building structure, and even lower the value of the property.

Metal roof waterproofing is vital as metal roofs – tin, steel or aluminium – all need extra protection from elemental damage. Metal roofs have limited lifespan and within a few years of installation, the exposure to changing temperatures, weather conditions and rains starts inflicting bits of damage here and there. Metal roof rust/corrosion/crack repair becomes an essential component of your building maintenance.

To keep your property protected, you need to ensure that the metal roof over it is overlaid with waterproof sealant formulated specifically for specific metal roofs that will keep it free of corrosion and damage. We use metal specific protective sealants. For example, for tin roofs, we use specialist galvanized roof sealants only.

At Storm Coatings, we ensure that your metal roof protective coating is applied throughly and evenly to make it fully sealed to keep it safe from leaks and heat stress. We paint your metal roof panels for improved looks of the property.

Depending on the roof and the coating treatment selected, you receive 10 to 25 years’ guarantee on the work delivered by us.  This also ensures that your metal roof coating cost per square metre pays in the longer run as you don’t have to incur cost of recoating metal roof anytime soon again.

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Metal Roof Cladding Coating


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Metal Roof Cladding Coating


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Metal Roof Cladding Coating