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Looking to refurbish and waterproof your existing asbestos roof? Look no further than Storm Coatings.

Asbestos cement roofs often fall prey to rainwater leakage woes as a roof ages. The solution is either refurbishment of the existing roof or complete replacement.

A complete replacement of chrysotile asbestos cement comes with its share of health and safety hassles as the complete roof has to be removed and disposed off. This needs a bigger team as well. There may be business disruption lasting several days, and of course, the expense is way higher.

If you want to be saved these hassles but want reliable waterproofing, we suggest an asbestos waterproofing refurbishment treatment. It costs less, it takes less time, and H&S issues too are nominal.

A waterproofing treatment from Storm Coatings extends life of your existing asbestos roof by creating a complete membrane over your existing roof while also filling any cracks or holes.

Our specialist team is trained in handling non-licensed chrysotile asbestos cement. We operate with painstaking adherence to the HSE guidelines to clean, prep and coat your existing roof with high quality waterproof coating system. You get a roof that doesn’t leak.  Your property’s appearance too improves.

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Asbestos Roof Waterproofing


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Asbestos Roof Waterproofing


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Asbestos Roof Waterproofing